Sunday, 25 July 2010

Hi everyone,

Really sorry I haven't posted anything on here in so long!! To tell the truth I got really stuck for ideas and although I love beauty I didn't know what to say about it!

An update on me is that I am going to college in September studying English. I have always loved to read and am trying to get that started again.

I have just made a new blog which will be for book reviews of every book I read (which I think is going to be lots!!) so if you enjoy reading too then please check it out. I am just finishing reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold so that will be the first review.

Love you all lots

Take care,

Frances xx

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Update... Sorry I have been gone so long

Hi everyone!!
I am so sorry I have been gone for so long... I have been feeling a bit down and uninspired and actually not liking that much on the fashion front.
But I am back today to let you know a few products I have purchased in the last couple of days that I really really like and recommend you try!
The first product is a lipstick. I love lipstick (as you may have been able to tell from my previous hauls of makeup!!) and I am always on the lookout for a nude lipstick that doesn't wash out my rather sallow complexion and make me look like I have drawn over my lips with my concealer. The best news is... finally today I found one!!
The dream lipstick is from Rimmel and is called 'Nude Delight' from their Moisture Renew range. To be honest I have seen this colour before and not gone for it because it looks a bit peachy/browny in colour but I saw it today and was bored and thought it would be worth a shot. I picked it up for £5.99 and I have to say it was money well spent!! It is creamy, moisturising and the perfect colour for someone like me who has quite a yellowy/olive complexion. I absolutely love it. Ok, so its not the cute pinky nudes that all the lucky girls with pink undertoned skin can wear but if you want an understated nude lip and you have had trouble with being washed out, just give it a try!!
The next thing I want to recommend to you is an exfoliator. Truth be told I only bought this because I am fake tanning tonight and so needed to exfoliate first. So I was in Superdrug and bought the Garnier Bodytonic Sugar Scrub. I really love it. It smells really gorgeous and citrusy, you can feel it firming your skin as you apply it and it was only £3.49!! What a bargain!
Another thing I picked up today that I want to talk about is the St Moriz Fake Tanning Mousse. I heard that they were now selling it in Savers so I went into my local branch on the off chance and they had it!!! Yay!! It was £2.89 and I am trying it straight after I have posted this with a little help from my darling mother!!
One more thing I want to talk about is Savers. I don't know if you're like me but I never venture into this shop. But after going in there today to buy the St Moriz I will definitely be going more often. I also bought whilst in there the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Mega Instant Conditioner. They were both £1.99 which I thought was pretty good so I will be trying those as well although at the moment I'm pretty attached to my Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends shampoo and conditioner so maybe I will do a comparison!!
Anyway, just wanted to come on to say sorry and just to let you know that my lack of blogging has not been without want of trying it's just every time I go to look for things I want, I realise that at the moment I really do not want that much, clothing and fashion wise.
Another thing I was going to say was that I was thinking about starting Face of the Day and Outfit of the Day posts when I look half decent. Was just wondering whether you think this is a good idea or not and if you had any other sort of posts you would like me to do, or products you've heard of and would be interested in me reviewing (if I have the cash to buy them!!)
Enough of my rambling, thanks for following, commenting and being generally lovely!!
Frances xx

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Giveaway Winner

Hi everyone!!
A huge thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway. I loved all your entries and couldn't really decide which was best so I've decided to include all 28 of you who entered and use to let me know who should win. Hope that's ok!!
So here goes....
True Random Number Generator Min: Max: Result: 12 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
this means that the lovely Lou has won. Her brilliant blog is
Go and follow!!
Anyway I will be emailing her and sending the prize her way very soon!
Thank you everyone, I love you all
Frances xx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Got to Love New Look

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts lately... I've been ill. I still am but I'm very bored so expect some posts today!!

Now as you know I love New Look and the way it combines gorgeous on trend items and really reasonable prices. In this post I'm going to show you my pick from their fabulous website!!










Hope you enjoyed. Let me know if you've bought any little treasures from New Look recently.

Love you all and please remember if you haven't already to enter my giveaway which ends on Friday. You can enter it here...

Thanks again,

Frances xx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Which Mac Eyeshadows do you recommend?

Hi everyone,
So the week after next I have a couple of days off of work and me and my mum are going on a wild shopping spree where I am hoping to buy my first Mac items. I know which lipglosses/lipsticks I want but I also want to get some eyeshadows and I am not sure which ones are good.
I would love, love, love it if you lovely people could recommend some that you have and really like as I am a Mac virgin!!
Thank you!!
Frances xx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

February Favourites

Hi everyone,
This is just going to be a list of things I have been using in February that I have been loving so enjoy!!
Frontcover Rainbow Eyes Reborn Palette
I finally got my hands on this thanks to my lovely mum! I am seriously in love with the amount of gorgeous colours. My favourites at the moment are Pink Lemonade, Blush and Clover for daytime looks. A little tip though is to not use the brushes that come with the palette, I am using sponge applicators with these as the shadow applies much more pigmented with these!!
Maybelline Dream Creamy Foundation
This is my new favourite foundation; I can't believe how much I love it. It's such a gorgeous texture and gives your skin a natural dewy finish. It's just gorgeous! The only thing is it runs out so quickly but that is not a good enough reason in my book not to repurchase!
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
I just use a tiny bit of this on my T-Zone area to give these a matte finish whilst the rest of my skin is dewy. This foundation combination is the best I have ever tried, I am just so happy with it - it's taken me a while but I finally think my skin is looking as good as it can!
Primark Ta Ta For Now Concealer
I bought this quite a while back and didn't use it for a while as I don't have too much of a problem with dark circles but I have recently just been using this to brighten up my eyes and it gives an amazing effect. They don't stock makeup in my local Primark but I hope that when I get to one that does they still stock this as it is really incredible for the price!
No 7 Skin Illuminator in Peach
I bought this with a No 7 voucher so it only cost me £5.50 and it is so good. It gives the ultimate dewy finish and it is such a gorgeous warm colour. I put this on under foundation or powder so I don't look too shiny!
Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder
This is the best bronzer I have ever used. It's the one in the chocolate like packaging and it is the perfect bronze colour without looking orange or muddy. It just warms up the skintone and gives a non-shimmery finish!
Natural Collection Blush in Sweet Cheeks
This blush is such a gorgeous colour, it's not too pink or plum colour it's somewhere in between. I think this was £1.95 and for that price it is amazing and so pigmented. I would definitely recommend this shade and think it would suit most skintones!
Sleek Inkpot
This is Sleek's gel eyeliner which I have done a review on... I have used it every day since I got it, it's just so amazing and stays put all day. It is suitable for daywear but is buildable enough to be used at night too!
Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara
This is my favourite daytime mascara. It actually really thickens your lashes without clumping. I love the pink packaging as well, if I tell the truth it was one of the main factors in the decision to buy this mascara but luckily my love of all things hot pink paid off!
Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara
So this is my night-time mascara. It is the best mascara I have ever used and just delivers exactly what it says it will; a Falsh Lash effect! I wouldn't wear this to work purely because my lashes do look so thick and long when I'm wearing this and I don't want to waste it on work!
Amie Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash & Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser
This brand is amazing!! I cannot rave about it enough, my skin feels and looks glowing! I seriously recommend any of you with the occasional breakout and slightly sensitive skin to get these - they will refresh your skin just in time for spring!
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub
This is another skincare product that is making my face feel amazing at the moment. Yes I still have blackheads but they have reduced and I feel like my pores are less noticeable so I'm happy! I'm definitely going to try more from this range!
Collection 2000 Love Your Lips Lipgloss in No 6 Adore
This is the perfect lipgloss; a gorgeous natural colour with just a hint of red, non sticky and it stays put for a good amount of time. And it's pretty cheap as well. I really recommend this!
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in No 600 Soft Coral
Who knew coral colours suited me. I love this colour as it's not too bright but does stand out and looks a bit different. And this lipstick is just so moisturising, there is no need for lipgloss or balm over the top. A definite must have!
Lush Sweet Lips Lip Scrub
This is basically a sugar scrub that really exfoliates and softens the lips. My lips are in so much better condition since buying this it cannot be a coincidence. I think I will definitely be a repurchase!
Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover
The best eye makeup remover I have ever used. It is so soothing (as the title suggests) and gentle on your eyes so you don't have to pull. This is a must have for maintaining gorgeous skin!
I hope you like my little rundown of my favourites. Let me know what yours are. Have you got any of the products I mentioned here? Let me know what you think of them!
Love you all lots,

Frances xx

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Daily Lust - Tuesday 2nd March

Hi everyone,

Sorry this post is late but my computer has been playing up so this is the fifth time of me attempting to do a post this evening!
Anyway, here are my lusts!!

Beauty Product:

I heard about this new Revlon Photoready Foundation through Laura from lollipop26. I really want to try this in the pathetic hope that it will make me look better in photos, how stupid am I? Anyway I've seen this on the Boots website today and this picture is from the Ulta website so it is available both sides of the atlantic now!! In the UK this is £12.99!

Item of Clothing:

You really can't see how cute this cardigan is... look on the Topshop website to see!! Anyway it's yellow which is going to be my colour in Spring/Summer (I've decided) and has cute white hearts all over it!! It's £38 but it is so gorgeous, I just think it is worth it!


This bag is amazing. Pastel colours are going to be huge this Spring/Summer and as you probably already know I cannot resist a cute bow. This is just bang on trend!! Even better it is such a bargain at £8 from New Look!


These shoes are one of those rare finds that look so much more expensive than they are in my opinion. These would look gorgeous paired with anything denim for an on-trend look. I love tan heels and these are a great example of the kind I like... these will see you right through Spring and Summer and go with almost anything. They are £35 from New Look!

Total Cost = £93.99

So anyway, I am so sorry I've been away for a few days, as I said my computer has not been too reliable and I have just been work, work, working (and the occasional bit of sleep if I got a spare minute) so not had much free time!

Now though, it's back to consistent, daily posts! Remember if you haven't already to enter my giveaway which is

Thank you to those of you who have and a huge thanks to a few of you who have left links or posts on your blogs about it... I love you lots!!

Frances xx

Monday, 1 March 2010

More Posts

Hi everyone!
Just to say sorry for not posting for a few days and to let you know that I definitely will be tonight! I've got a Daily Lust and my February Favourites so I will be doing those if not more!
Love you all loads,
Frances xx

Friday, 26 February 2010

Daily Lust - Friday 26th February

Hi you lovely lot,
So glad so many of you have entered my giveaway. By the way I will be trying out the tips you give me to see which one is the best!! Get entering if you haven't already!! On to the small selection of the large amount of things I want to be buying!!

Beauty Product:

Every time I see Collection 2000's pigments 'Dazzle Me' I always love the look of them; especially this Paradise colour. However when I go to pick one up, it's usually only half full... does anyone else have this problem?? Anyway I'm probably going to have a look tomorrow when I go into town and see if I can buy a couple. You can buy these from Boots or Superdrug for around £3!

Item of Clothing:

I've been looking for a while now for a perfect LBD for going clubbing or just for a few drinks or a nice meal. I like this Miss Selfridge wonder because it is quite simple with just the shoulder detailing and I love that it would be very figure hugging and sexy but classy at the same time. I need a piece like this in my wardrobe and I have a good mind to buy it now and for it to be my inspiration to lose more weight!! This is £38, but I think an investment piece that will last you!


I love this belt. It is one of those staple items for your wardrobe to cinch in floral dresses, denim dresses, black dresses etc and give them a bit of a folky edge! This is from New Look for £7!


It's official... the buyers at New Look are gods!! They keep coming up with items that astound me - especially their price-tag! These gorgeous wedges will look fabulous with Spring/Summer's key trends of florals, denim, nautical... you name it, they will go with it and give it a fashiony twist all of it's own! What more could you ask for at £25?!

Total Cost = £74
So there you have it, a cherry picked selection of what I wish I owned but at this moment in time do not! I am trying, I think, to save some money... I'll let you know how that works out!!
Now that I seem to have my camera up and running I will try and take some pictures of hauls so you can see what I actually do end up buying!!
Anyway, keep entering, commenting, following and all that lovely stuff. I love you all for doing it!
Have lovely (and hopefully shopping-filled) Saturdays. Let me know what you are getting up to!
Frances xx

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My Giveaway

Hi everyone,

The day has come when I am thanking all my lovely followers for making me a very happy girl by giving away some little prizes.

Here are the rules for if you want to enter (which I hope you all will!!)
  • You need to be a follower of mine to enter as this is a thank you to my followers
  • You need to comment on this post "Enter Me"
  • To enter you need to tell me your favourite makeup product & you need to give me your best makeup or fashion tip!!
  • On your comment can you please leave your email address or link me to your blog if it says it on there so that if you win I can contact you
  • If you are under 18 could you please just make sure you have your parents' permission to enter
  • The contest will be open until the 12th March and then I will pick my favourite comment to get the prize!

So here's the prize...

And here are the individual items in a picture where you can actually see what they look like!

Sleek Storm Palette

Primark Chain & Ribbon Necklace

H&M Earrings

Barry M Dazzle Dust in No 27 Gold Iridescent

Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Moonshine

Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry

Natural Collection Lipstick in Apple Blossom

Primark Sequin Floral Makeup Bag

I hope you like the prize. I know it isn't Mac or anything but I really like everything I bought so I'm sure you will too! Also, just to let you know that this giveaway is open internationally so everyone can enter!!

So get entering guys,

Love you all!!

Frances xx

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Daily Lust - Tuesday 23rd February

Hi everyone!

So close to 50 followers now, thank you all! I have bought all my giveaway prizes but am keeping hush-hush about what they are!!

Anyway, so after a very crap few days at work and the start of another attempt at losing about 2 stone here is what I want to buy!!

Beauty Product:

So I have been getting so excited about the prospect of getting my hands on this palette which was supposed to be in Boots stores as of today. I look on to look at which stores were stocking and my local wasn't. So I persuaded my mum to go to the Bluewater store to get it, to no avail!! Bluewater hadn't got their stock in yet and told her to go back tomorrow! Have you got yours yet? This is £15 for a limited time!

Item of Clothing:

This jumper just really captures the fairy-tale vibe that is going on at the moment what with the Alice in Wonderland film. It says 'Fairest of Them All' which I think it so cute. This would look gorgeous with a grey blazer or black leather jacket over a white vest top and skinny jeans. It's £18 (I think but their site won't let me check at the moment!) from New Look!


I love little cute scarfs at the moment that you can team with a boring outfit you've worn hundreds of times to just freshen it up. This scarf is exactly that item. I love the pinky/red colour, the cute white hearts and the way you can tie it as a neckerchief to look French chic!! It's from the wonderful Miss Selfridge and is £10!


For some reason I love flat shoes with peep-toes. Don't ask me why but I think they look really quirky and cute on the end of skinny jeans or a pretty dress. These are perfect with their fabulous polkadot print and the monochrome is bang on trend for the moment. These are £24.99 from Schuh!

Total Cost = £67.99

Thanks everyone for reading, commenting and following. If I reach 50 tonight or tomorrow my giveaway will be up tomorrow evening. I just need to find my charger for my camera or nick someone else's camera to take a picture of the prize!

Anyway, hope you had lovely days. Did you go shopping? If you did, what did you buy? Make me jealous!!

Frances xx

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Daily Lust - Sunday 21st February

God how quickly has this weekend gone?

I hate Sunday evenings, so I am trying to distract myself by pretend-buying stuff. Here are the things I am really liking so far!

Beauty Product:
I recently re-discovered the brand Miners which I'm sure used to be out when I was younger?? Anyway, I think they're a brand for young teenagers and most of the stuff on their website is a bit too young for me but their nail varnishes are in really nice colours. This is one of my faves... called Coral Cutie and exactly the shade I have been looking for. And at £2.99! Yay!

Item of Clothing:

The nautical trend is one of my favourites of the moment and just suits my personality. I love this cute top with the collaboration of nautical stripes and the lace top I think it is really different. This top would look so gorgeous with dark blue skinny jeans, a cream or grey blazer and navy pumps. This is from New Look and is £16!


I really like these earrings and think they would be perfect for the summer. I can imagine these with just a really simple outfit like some linen trousers and a colourful vest top just to give the outfit some interest. The detail on them is so pretty!! These are from the amazing and are £10!


These sandals are so gorgeous and would look amazing with really skinny jeans. I love the colour and the side lace-up detailing. I think these will be brilliant sandals to wear when it is almost sandal weather, as it is sort of enclosed on the ankle and therefore looks more heavy. They are from for £35!

Total Cost = £63.50

Thanks guys, hope you've had good weekends - I am so not looking forward to this week but I've just got to think of the money (and the clothes and makeup I can buy with it!!)
Comment of what you think on these things and if you bought anything nice at the weekend I would love to know!!
Frances xx

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Daily Lust - Saturday 20th February

Hey everyone,

There are definitely a lot of items of lust-worthy status at the moment!! Here are just a few!

Beauty Product:

So this perfume is gorgeous! It's Hugo Boss Femme. I tried it today whilst I was browsing round the shops and I love it!! It's a smell I can't necessarily describe but trust me, it's beautiful. The bottle is so cute as well! I found this on for £22.35 for 30ml.

Item of Clothing:

I think this dress is so cute! I love the duck-egg blue and the gorgeous floral pattern as well as the sweetheart neckline and the ruching all over the dress. This will be perfect for nights out in Spring/Summer. This is from Rare @ Topshop and is £45... a real investment piece!


I am loving these cute studs. The coral colour is going to be massive in Spring/Summer and I have a huge penchant for bows... anything with bows and I'm sold. You can get these from Topshop for £5!


I love these gorgeous shoes! They're very Vivienne Westwood-esque and even better, for a fraction of the price!! The colour will look amazing with jeans for a casual look or a cute prom dress on a night out. They are from Accessorize and cost £22!

Total Cost = £94.35

Thanks everyone,

Hope you have enjoyed reading this. Please comment to let me know what you think!!
Frances xx

Quick Quick Mini Haul!!

Hi guys,
This is a collective haul of a few things I've bought over the week. Working in the town centre is never a good thing as in my lunchbreak I just 'pop' into Superdrug or Boots and end up spending a fortune. The other day though I realised that I have basically bought the entire shop!! Anyway on with haul....
  • Rimmel Colour Rush Mono Eyeshadow in 030 Smokey Quartz
  • Rimmel Colour Rush Mono Eyeshadow in 130 Tribute
  • Rimmel Colour Mousse in 005 Glitz
  • Natural Collection Lipstick in Raspberry
  • Natural Collection Eyeshadow in White Opal
  • Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Spring Green
  • Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Soft Pink
  • 17 Eyeshadow in Statuesque
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust in No 39 Tan
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in No 108 Pink Pearl

So there you have it... I am a Makeupaholic!!

Ooh and in other more exciting news I have got my contest prizes. None of it is Mac as I don't even own any and haven't got that much money to be honest but all are products that I've either got or think are really nice... so hopefully you will too!!

Love you lots and have nice evenings,

Frances xx

Review - Collection 2000 Blush - No 3 Breathless

Some more reviews of my ever increasing beauty buys now!!

So this is the blush that I bought from Collection 2000. I can't quite remember how much it cost but I think it was between £3 and £4. I really liked the peachy colour of this blush and I think that it is quite good for an everyday blush where you want a hint of colour.

The main problem with this blush is the fact that it is not very pigmented and if you wanted a lot of colour you would need to pile it on (which I don't)

So the summary is it's a lovely colour but doesn't give great colour pay-off. I would recommend buying if you just want a really light blush look.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Daily Lust - Friday 19th February

Hello everyone,

Just finished watching Eastenders, not overly impressed I have to say!! Anyway here are the items I am lusting after...

Beauty Product:

I watched a video by FilthyGorgeousMakeup on Youtube where she recommended these Rimmel Colour Rush Metallic Shadows. She used the one in Tribute which is such a gorgeous colour I want it now!! You can get it at Superdrug or Boots for about £4!

Here's the link to the video:

Item of Clothing:

It is getting to that time of the year where I realise that I cannot keep wearing my winter coat for much longer. But yes, I think this beauty from good old New Look would be the perfect spring/summer fix. And at £35 I don't think it's too bad! I love the full skirt and the ruched sleeves!!


I love this bag. I think it looks really vintage and worn and could be used for any occasion to just give a ' This is from a charity shop - but isn't it amazing?' look to any outfit. If you want it, it's from Topshop for £35!


I think these shoes are amazing! They would look so great with skinny jeans or jeggings tucked in or with summer dresses to give them an edgy look. These are from Marks and Spencers for £39.50 and are definitely worth getting as they are bang on trend!

Total Cost = £113.50
Ooh I spent a lot of imaginary money there!
Have lovely Saturdays... I'm going out to buy prizes for my up-and-coming giveaway and also probably will treat myself too!
See you soon
Frances xx

Thursday, 18 February 2010

So So Tired!!

Hi Guys,
Looks like this week has really worn me out... I was just about to do a Daily Lust post and must have nodded off only to be awoken 2 hours later and it be half 11! So sorry guys, will definitely make it up by posting loads and loads over the weekend!!
Enjoy your Fridays, love you all lots,
Frances xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Mono - No 720 Iced Fudge

Hello again!
There is no actual picture that I can put on here so follow this link to see the colour!
I wasn't sure about this eyeshadow at first but I did love the look of the colour. I wasn't sure how pigmented it is but I tried it out yesterday and it was really pigmented and lovely... and stayed on all day with the help of my Gosh Eyeshadow Stick. It is a sort of taupe/brown with a hint of metallic in it. It is great for daywear but I think it would also look great in the crease of the eye for a smokey look.
This costs £3.99 and I would definitely recommend it!
Frances xx

Review - Sleek Storm Palette

Another Sleek product for you!!

( pic from

What an amazing product... I don't know anyone who doesn't like this. It is so wearable... probably the most wearable palette of all of the Sleek palettes. I love the brown colours in this and the greyish/blue colour is so gorgeous too. This is a really versatile palette that could be worn in the daytime for a work or school neutral look and also for a gorgeous smokey eyed night look! This is one palette you could take with you on a week away on holiday and have a different look every day and night. All this for just over £4! How Perfect!

Frances xx

Review - Sleek Inkpots

Hi again,

Some more reviews for you now!!

This is the Sleek Ink Pot which is Sleek's version of a gel eyeliner which comes in loads of colours. I have Espresso (which is black) and Purple Rain (obviously purple).

I am in absolute love with this product. It comes in a little pot as shown above and with the little brush which is really good for applying the eyeliner. I am a complete Gel Eyeliner convert after trying this as it looks fabulous and stays put better than any other eyeliner I have ever tried. It gives just as good definition as a liquid liner but is so much easier to apply. For a new starter to makeup I would definitely recommend this, and you don't get the awful smudging that you do with kohl liner.

I can't say enough good things about this product. I can't remember exactly how much it is... somewhere around £3-£4, and is so so worth it, pick up one in every colour!!

Have you tried this? Do you like it?

Frances xx

Daily Lust - Wednesday 17th February

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a lovely day... I can smell the weekend!! Here is what my diminishing bank balance cannot pay for, but what I would like...

Beauty Product:

I love this whole collection of Nail Polishes by Ciate for They are all named after celebrities and this particular cherry red colour is named Katy (I'm guessing after Katy Perry). I love the colour, I love the packaging and I don't think the price is too bad at £6.

Item of Clothing:

I know Topshop are always pretty good but at the moment it seems like I want to buy their entire stock. This beautiful skirt is one thing I picked out. I love the nude background with the stunning black flower detail and think this is such a wearable take on the nude trend. I would probably put this with a denim shirt and wedges to give it a tough edge. At £40 it's quite expensive but in my eyes a perfect summer investment.


I am an absolute sucker for kitsch and cute jewellery and this birdcage necklace is by no means an exception. I love the bird (obviously) and the cage and I also love the pink bow. This would set off a plain and simple daytime outfit and give it a cute edge. Personally I think this would look great with a plain white vest top and a pink boyfriend cardi to give it a bit of oomph. This is from and costs £10.


I am so in love with these gorgeous shoes. The white lace detail is just amazing and would look great teamed with summer dresses for a girly/preppy look!! They look so beautiful and look like they would cost a lot but they are actually such a bargain at £18 from Topshop!

Total Cost = £74

Thanks guys for reading... also thank you for following and commenting. It makes me very very happy when you do! It's definitely putting a much needed smile on my face over the past few weeks so thank you and love you all lots!

Frances xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Star Violet Giveaway

Hi guys,

Just to let you know that Jess or as you may know her is having a giveaway as she has reached 100 followers.

The prize looks amazing I'm sure you will agree and to enter you need to comment with your favourite quote. It ends on 16th March so get thinking and entering!!
Frances xx