Sunday, 7 March 2010

Which Mac Eyeshadows do you recommend?

Hi everyone,
So the week after next I have a couple of days off of work and me and my mum are going on a wild shopping spree where I am hoping to buy my first Mac items. I know which lipglosses/lipsticks I want but I also want to get some eyeshadows and I am not sure which ones are good.
I would love, love, love it if you lovely people could recommend some that you have and really like as I am a Mac virgin!!
Thank you!!
Frances xx


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  2. i think it depends on what eye colour you have and just favourite colours to wear :).

    MAC can be so expensive so i rarely buy it, but when i do i tend to get the seasonal sets for value for money. i've bought the some of the sets from the past 3 years for winter and loved them all! :)

    i love Creme Royale and Sweetjoy as highlighters, really soft and lovely cream colours!
    Well Spiced is a nice colour just for the crease of the eyelid when you're going for a neutral look, and i think Honey Lust is one of my most used eyeshadows for my lid. it's a gorgeous burnt gold with glitter flex in it :).
    Oh My Darling is another good lid colour again for a neutral look, its a flat cream but lacks the sheen that would probably be needed for a highlighter.

    a lot of blogs & vlogs i read & watch mention Sable and Satin Taupe a lottt, so i think i might invest in those two as well.

    a lot of my favourites are just neutrals really... a bit boring, but i've got blonde hair and blue eyes so sometimes i can't be as daring with colours as i'd like to be. i'm only really just starting to understand how to use make up to its full potential too, so i'm sure i'll pick up some tips along the way! :)


  3. My favourite colour is All that glitters (shimmery goldy brown). Other good neutrals are Woodwinked (shimmery goldy brown), Satin Taupe (shimmery brown), Shroom (goldy white), Cork (light matte brown) and Wedge (darker matte brown).
    Good colourful ones that I have are Humid (green), Electra (silver) Stars n Rockets (light purple) and Satellite Dreams (cadburys purple).

    There are some swatches on my blog here: if you want a look!

  4. I really like Phloof!It's a nude with a slight shimmer that I wear everyday. 'Aquadisiac' which is a bright green if you want some thing with a bit more punch. And I really like 'Shale', which is like a purpley-grey, for doing a lighter smokey eye.
    I honestly think Mac shadows are worth the money, they last all day. You won't regret it!x