Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Daily Lust - Tuesday 2nd March

Hi everyone,

Sorry this post is late but my computer has been playing up so this is the fifth time of me attempting to do a post this evening!
Anyway, here are my lusts!!

Beauty Product:

I heard about this new Revlon Photoready Foundation through Laura from lollipop26. I really want to try this in the pathetic hope that it will make me look better in photos, how stupid am I? Anyway I've seen this on the Boots website today and this picture is from the Ulta website so it is available both sides of the atlantic now!! In the UK this is £12.99!

Item of Clothing:

You really can't see how cute this cardigan is... look on the Topshop website to see!! Anyway it's yellow which is going to be my colour in Spring/Summer (I've decided) and has cute white hearts all over it!! It's £38 but it is so gorgeous, I just think it is worth it!


This bag is amazing. Pastel colours are going to be huge this Spring/Summer and as you probably already know I cannot resist a cute bow. This is just bang on trend!! Even better it is such a bargain at £8 from New Look!


These shoes are one of those rare finds that look so much more expensive than they are in my opinion. These would look gorgeous paired with anything denim for an on-trend look. I love tan heels and these are a great example of the kind I like... these will see you right through Spring and Summer and go with almost anything. They are £35 from New Look!

Total Cost = £93.99

So anyway, I am so sorry I've been away for a few days, as I said my computer has not been too reliable and I have just been work, work, working (and the occasional bit of sleep if I got a spare minute) so not had much free time!

Now though, it's back to consistent, daily posts! Remember if you haven't already to enter my giveaway which is


Thank you to those of you who have and a huge thanks to a few of you who have left links or posts on your blogs about it... I love you lots!!

Frances xx


  1. Aw that bag is so cute. May have to purchase! x

  2. you will love the foundations its my hg!!!


  3. I have just discovered my newest online shopping addiction; New Look.
    I can't wait to order some pieces from them! (: