Wednesday, 24 February 2010

My Giveaway

Hi everyone,

The day has come when I am thanking all my lovely followers for making me a very happy girl by giving away some little prizes.

Here are the rules for if you want to enter (which I hope you all will!!)
  • You need to be a follower of mine to enter as this is a thank you to my followers
  • You need to comment on this post "Enter Me"
  • To enter you need to tell me your favourite makeup product & you need to give me your best makeup or fashion tip!!
  • On your comment can you please leave your email address or link me to your blog if it says it on there so that if you win I can contact you
  • If you are under 18 could you please just make sure you have your parents' permission to enter
  • The contest will be open until the 12th March and then I will pick my favourite comment to get the prize!

So here's the prize...

And here are the individual items in a picture where you can actually see what they look like!

Sleek Storm Palette

Primark Chain & Ribbon Necklace

H&M Earrings

Barry M Dazzle Dust in No 27 Gold Iridescent

Natural Collection Eyeshadow in Moonshine

Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry

Natural Collection Lipstick in Apple Blossom

Primark Sequin Floral Makeup Bag

I hope you like the prize. I know it isn't Mac or anything but I really like everything I bought so I'm sure you will too! Also, just to let you know that this giveaway is open internationally so everyone can enter!!

So get entering guys,

Love you all!!

Frances xx


  1. hello :)
    lovely prizes, enter me please :)
    my favourite makeup product would be revlon lipstick..the colour pink pout would be my favourite.
    And my makeup tip would be to wear white eyeliner on the inside of your eye, if makes you look really fresh!
    thank you! x


  2. hello :)
    Enter me please :)
    my favourite makeup product would be collection 2000 mascara as the brush is huge and makes my lashes look super duber huge :)
    My makeup tip is if you run out of eyeliner use ur eyeliner brush dip it in water and use it with an eyeshadow of your choice :)

  3. Enter me please :)

    My favourite make up product is max factor false lash effect mascarra and my make up tip is mix a highliter cream with your foundation to give you a really nice dewy effect!


  4. enter me please! :)

    my favourite make-up product atm is revlon colourstay, i love this foundation so so much lol!

    my make-up tip is if you buy a foundation too dark for you get a little bit of it and mix it with a face cream to create a tinted moisturiser :)


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    My favourite make-up product is L'Oreal Telescopic mascara because it makes my lashes long and lush haha! My best tip is not to tug on your eye when you apply eyeliner so it lessens chance of wrinkles when you're older

  7. Enter me.
    My beauty tip; to achieve matte nails using ordinary polish, wait for them to dry then use a nail buffer after :).


  8. Enter me! Everything is so cute, I love it all, especially the necklace!

    My favorite item of makeup is probably my smashbox lipgloss in Pout. It's the perfect pale pink! ... and mascara of any sort, of course! And my best tip is putting olive oil in my hair as a deep conditioning treatment once every one or two weeks :)

    thanks for hosting this give away!


  9. Great prizes! Enter me please :)
    My favourite item of make-up is Avon's Arabian Glow Clearly Shadowed Eye Pencil in turquoise: a gorgeous bright blue which looks amazing on the lower lash line.
    And my best tip is to use illuminating moisture cream around your eyes and cheeks in the morning: this is good for your skin around your eye area and gives you a healthy glow as it acts as a highlighter.

  10. Lovely giveaway! Enter me please! My favourite makeup product changes all the time but today it's Benefit's Erase Paste, such a great concealer. My best makeup tip is to use a brightening concealer on your inner eye/side of your nose area to make you look really wide awake!

    contact at

  11. Cute prize haul you have there <3
    Enter me please my favorite makeup item is Barry M dazzle dust i really like the fine glitter dust they do in this range cause i love anything with a bit of sparkle :)
    My beauty tip would have to be use a hair dryer to heat your eyelash curlers a little before you use them this will give your lashes an awesome curl <3

  12. Enter meeee pleasee :)

    My fav makeup item is Max factor's False lash effect mascara.
    And my secret [well not secret anymore lol] make up tip is if you ever run out of primer you can use a plain[neutral] chapstick on your eyelids and it has the same consistency of eye primer! and lasts for ages :)
    congrats on getting over 50 followers :)
    Great giveaway! xx

  13. aww I totally need that eyeshadow just because of the name haha.
    enter me pleasee.
    Ummm my fave product at the minute is Nivea pink frost lip balm, love it.
    My tip would is something I read ages ago and it stuck with me, if you go out with minimal make up on eyeliner on the waterline is a must as it makes you look more awake.

  14. What a nice give away! enter me :)
    I would say my favorite product is my urban decay primer potion. I can't function with out it. actually, I've another Nars blush in Orgasm.
    My best tip is sticking to a product because it works for you, not because someone else says to use it. Everything works different for everyone. Another tip is using a spoon of honey mixed with a spoon of olive oil and a pinch or two of sugar and using the mixture as a lip exfoliator! YUUUMMM. :)

    (I'll put a link on my blog for your giveaway)

  15. Enter me please!

    My favourite product is Sleeks' 'Dip-it' eyeliner. I cannot live with out it.

    My beauty tip is to give lash curlers a blast with a hairdryer for a few seconds before using them, for extra curl power.

  16. Enter me Im already a follower :)

    My favourite makeup product is Mac Pink Swoon Blush its a very gorgeous wearble pink I love it lol

    My beauty tip is always wax after a hot shower, its less painless & delivers a better smooth result.

  17. Ooo great prize, defiantly enter me :)

    My favourite beauty product is the NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette - For Green Eyes :) Loads of gorgeous colours that really compliment this particular eye colour.

    My tip is :) For a wide eyed look, when applying a darker eye shadow to the lid, to open up your peepers, down the middle of the eyelid apply a lighter tone of the same colour and blend. And apply a contrasting colour to under the eyes :)

    x x x

  18. Congratulations on all your followers and thank you for a great contest! Please enter me!

    my favourite make up product would be my Make up forever Matte velvet + foundation. My favourite make up tip is not an original one but it definitely works, apply a powder eyeshadow all over your pensil eyeliner to make it last all day!!

  19. Cheers for your lovely giveaway! As you've maybe noticed I'm a new follower, but I think I'll enjoy your blog as you're into drugstore goodies, too. :-) Anyways, my fave make up product are the Band of Bold Fat Metallic Eye Pencils by Beautiful Colour Cosmetics, which are available at Primark. They are wonderfully pigmented and the best base for pigments. But I also use them for pressed powder eyeshadows as the creamy pencils intensify all colours. My eye make ups hardly fade and still look amazing in the evening (some had mistaken them for expensive MAC eyeshadows). So, give eye pencils a go! They are the best means to improve drugstore eyeshadows. :-)
    So, please enter me!!! Thanks!

  20. Hi! just stumbled across your blog from :)

    I'd like to enter to please! So Enter me! :D

    My favourite makeup product is Rimmel London's Lasting Finish liquid foundation! It provides medium~full coverage, available in common shades, lasts for a PROMISING 16-hours (yes I tried it out for 16hrs), easy to blend and the fun part is it's fairly affordable! :D

    My makeup tip for you is.. a blend of highlighter under your lips and around the corner will make it stand out beautifully, blend it in a line down your nose from between your eyes will give an illusion of a higher/taller nose. A tip of highlighter in the corner of your eyes will also make it brighten up naturally! :D

    Love -

  21. Thanks for following and that'show I came across here!
    Enter Me please:)

    My favourite makeup product atm is ermmm Urban Decay 24/7 in Bourbon!

    A tip I have is to if you're having a down day, then put on bright makeup and it'll make you feel a lot better! For reals! I put your giveaway there if that's ok? Spreading the word hehe!


    p.s<3 your blogg!

  22. WOW. Amaze giveaway! I've been looking for that Barry M nail paint everywhere!
    Ok, so my fave product is changed 'cause some people have done it already. It was MaxFactor False Lash Effect mascara but now its The body Shop Vitamin C Skin Reviver. It leaves your face looking so healthy. You can use it as a moisturizer or wear it under foundation.
    My beauty tip is if you put your cleansers in a sink of warm/hot waterfor a couple of minutes, then appl on face, it cleans your pores deeper because of the heat.

    ENTER ME!!
    Made a post on my blog about this x
    P.S Lovee your blog so muchh! :) xx

  23. Heyheyhey!
    great giveaway! :D enter me please!

    My favourite beauty prodcut would have to be my "Missha BB Cream"
    I use it as a foundation, over in asia people are goign crazy for BB creams (blemish balm)
    I've never found a foundation the right colour for me. I took a risk and ordered this online (only 2 colours) , i picked the lightest one and it completely adapted to my skin tone!

    Aswell as a foundation, it has SPF 42 and has anti-wrinkle properties! i also got it off ebay for about £8

    makeup tip:
    CURL YOUR EYELASHES! my eyelids are quite hooded :( so i always feel my eyelashes get covered by it lol! so i spend ages curling my lashes to give them length and it does the trick!

    thanks :)


  24. Ooh I'm a follower, so please enter me!

    My favourite beauty product is the CS Silica powder spheres. I don't know how I lived without it!

    My best beauty tip is to not pile on too much makeup! Unless of course that is the look you're going for. Seriousy, it pains me everytime I see girls with cakey face.

    musicalhouses at hotmail dot com

  25. Please enter me!

    At the moment I am loving Dallas blush by benefit, even though I don't have the full size, it's the perfect transition blush from winter to spring, as soon as the weather goes into the positive numbers I start itching to get out the bronzers/tank tops!! But for now it is the perfect blush to give some colour and a summery glow!

    My best makeup tip is to exfoliate regularly and moisturize, depending on your skin type, because makeup is there to compliment, not to create a new layer of skin. But in terms of a makeup tip: not only add a highlighter under your brow bone, but above too to really help give you a pick me up.

  26. thanks for following me :)
    enter me please to this gorgeous giveaway.
    my favourite product is maxfactor false last effect mascara and my tip/trick iss..

    when you are nearly running out of mascara, boil some water and pour in a mug, put the tube (make sure not to put the lid in or it will fill up) and leave it for a minute or so, it will de-clog all the product inside- making it last much longer :)


  27. Hello and greetings from America! :P
    I would super dooper love it if you entered me into this little contest of yours.
    My favorite beauty product of the moment is....Prestige Soft Kohl Eyeliner in Powerful Purple. It's so creamy and intense, perfect for a smoky eye ;)
    My tip:
    Most of us apply our blushers while smiling, in order to find the 'apples of our cheeks', right? Bad idea! This actually makes your face look older! Why? Smile, then place your pointer finger on the apple of your cheek, where you would normally apply your blush. Stop smiling. What happens? Your finger ends up in the middle of your face, meaning your blush is actually being put on much lower than it is supposed to be. To correct this: smile, place your finger on the apple again, then place your thumb right above your ear. Run your thumb to where your index finger is and you should be able to feel your actual cheekbone. THAT's where blush is supposed to go!
    Hope that was helpful, all the other tips in these comments sure were.


  28. Is it ok to do enter again? And because its 12th March? If not, then don't count this :)
    My other fave product is Barry M nail paints. I love 'em (:
    My tip would be to curl your lashes after applying mascara, it gives that extra curl and helps minimize clumps :)
    Enter me!]

  29. Enter me please....hopefully this comment is in time...
    Now a fashion tip - always wear something you feel comfortable in and you will look happier, more radiant and naturally more beautiful.

    Orrr beauty... if you have tired eyes, pour boiling water over cotton wool pads, then when you can handle the temp lie with them over your eyes for afew minutues...

    miricle :D