Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Daily Lust - Wednesday 10th February

Hello everyone,

Hope you have had a good day... I am craving shopping and I only went a few days ago! I might sneak to a couple in my lunchbreak tomorrow! Anyway you know the drill... here is a wishlist of stuff which today heavily features New Look! Enjoy...

Beauty Product:

I have heard so much about Coastal Scents on Youtube and other blogs and the like so I decided to have a little look at their website. And what can I say... I flipping love it! This 88 Warm Eyeshadow Palette is my favourite though, look at all the pretty colours! This is $24.95 which is approximately £15.95 which is actually really reasonable. I can't find postage costs though!

Item of Clothing:

This jumper is extremely cute. I can see my wearing this layered over a white vest top and blue skinny jeans for a gorgeous casual look. Plus I love the coral colour, which will see you nicely into spring, but on those days when it is still a bit chilly. This beauty is from New Look and is a shocking £14!


This ring is stunning and will make people take notice of your outfit. I love the colour (it's pink, what's not to love?!) and the chunky style and also the little baby pink jewels in the side... I think I may have been deprived as a 12 year old and it's coming back to haunt me! At £6 from Accessorize I'm getting it!


Baby blue is fast becoming my colour of the moment. I want a Baby Blue Fiat 500 (when, Please God, I pass my driving test) and just think, these wedges would match perfectly... and don't get me started ib the polka dot lining. Again New Look have come up trumps and are selling these for a mere £20! Your summer night out shoe sorted!

Total Cost = £55.95

What bargains! A huge thank-you to all of my followers... it has cheered me up no end seeing my numbers growing and having followers that have amazing blogs themselves :)

Love you lots,

Frances xx


  1. hey thanks so much for following <3
    oh my gosh the jumper is HOT. must buy!

    also search 88 pallete on ebay, the chinese sellers' ones are exactly the same. (check feedback to make sure the seller is a good one) Shipping costs on coastal scents is quite high :/ I think anyway haha.

  2. thanks for the tip hun... no problem thank you for returning the favour :) I know... payday needs to come now!! I have so much I want to buy xxx