Saturday, 13 February 2010

Daily Lust - Saturday 13th February

Hi everyone,

Sorry I didn't post yesterday but on to the things I want to buy today!!!

Beauty Product:

So I have decided... I need a primer. My foundation is ok but I need a smooth base before I put it on as my skin is far from perfect. I tried a tester of this on my hand in Superdrug yesterday and loved it so I'm going to have to buy it. It's the Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer and is £13 from Superdrug! If I get it (if I don't overspend on other completely unnecessary items) I will let you know and of course do a review!

Item of Clothing:

I love this dress! Who would guess this beauty could be picked up from the supermarket? Well it can! I'm loving George at Asda's collection at the moment and this is my favourite item. It's so pretty and classic with the shape and the floral print but I love the little lace detailing on the sleeves. So elegant, and only £18! I would wear this with sheer black tights and black heels at the moment with a grey boyfriend blazer over the top!


I've been looking for a gold charm bracelet for absolutely ages and lo and behold I have found it! It's got cute icecream and lollipop charms which I have fallen in love with... I am actually making a special trip in to town tomorrow to go hunting round Accessorize for this bracelet. Oh and by the way it's £12!


I'm loving nude shoes at the moment, and pointy flats so this has 2 thumbs up from me!! I also love the lace detailing bow! Oh my gosh, I've just realised that these would look quite pretty with the dress featured above! But yes get yourself on and part with a mere £22 for these stunners!

Total Cost = £65

So yes, hope you enjoyed this! Just to say a huge thankyooouuu to all of my lovely followers. I'm on 21 now and when I hit 50 (please, please, please) there will be a fantastic giveaway coming your way, so tell your friends, family and followers to be in with a chance of winning some fabulous prizes and to make this girl here (me!) very happy!

Frances xx


  1. Oh fun giveaway! I'm going to do one as soon as I hit 100 :) Me thinks it'll be makeup :)
    I love those flats you pictured! THey'd be perfect for work for me!!! Heels get torturous after so long!

  2. I've been curious about the GOSH Primer too...Sounds like it would be good...

  3. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I've just followed you too - hope you reach your great 50 soon! :) I know how daunting it can be starting out, I was SO excited when I hit 50, so I totally understand! Anyway, thanks again for dropping by, and while I don't want to hard-sell or anything, if you do have time, please do vote for my blog OK? :)

  4. Dani M - cool I look forward to your giveaway then!! And I know what you mean about work... I just don't bother wearing heels really anymore, not worth it!! xx

    Musicalhouses - I know. I accidentally spent far too much money on other things when I went out today but it looks so good so I will have to be sensible at some point and get it! Thanks for following hun I really appreciate it! I'm totally surprised I have as many followers as I do... but very grateful!! Of course I will vote for you hun, good luck xx

  5. That bracelet is adorable...a bit pricey though :( xx

  6. Sarah Writes Beauty - Yeah I no :S I didn't end up getting it :( xx