Sunday, 21 February 2010

Daily Lust - Sunday 21st February

God how quickly has this weekend gone?

I hate Sunday evenings, so I am trying to distract myself by pretend-buying stuff. Here are the things I am really liking so far!

Beauty Product:
I recently re-discovered the brand Miners which I'm sure used to be out when I was younger?? Anyway, I think they're a brand for young teenagers and most of the stuff on their website is a bit too young for me but their nail varnishes are in really nice colours. This is one of my faves... called Coral Cutie and exactly the shade I have been looking for. And at £2.99! Yay!

Item of Clothing:

The nautical trend is one of my favourites of the moment and just suits my personality. I love this cute top with the collaboration of nautical stripes and the lace top I think it is really different. This top would look so gorgeous with dark blue skinny jeans, a cream or grey blazer and navy pumps. This is from New Look and is £16!


I really like these earrings and think they would be perfect for the summer. I can imagine these with just a really simple outfit like some linen trousers and a colourful vest top just to give the outfit some interest. The detail on them is so pretty!! These are from the amazing and are £10!


These sandals are so gorgeous and would look amazing with really skinny jeans. I love the colour and the side lace-up detailing. I think these will be brilliant sandals to wear when it is almost sandal weather, as it is sort of enclosed on the ankle and therefore looks more heavy. They are from for £35!

Total Cost = £63.50

Thanks guys, hope you've had good weekends - I am so not looking forward to this week but I've just got to think of the money (and the clothes and makeup I can buy with it!!)
Comment of what you think on these things and if you bought anything nice at the weekend I would love to know!!
Frances xx


  1. that top is so pretty! i love your suggestion of pairing them with a grey blazer!!

  2. Ahh I know... I'm definitely going to try and buy this this week to cheer me up!! xx

  3. i love that nautical top very cute :)

  4. I love the top and the sandals, they def land on my wish list...btw, thanx for subscribing...I tagged you on my blog

  5. LOL, I love the idea of you pretending to buy stuff! hahah. What a fun idea. Maybe I'll try this. I tend to just buy. As you could see from my blog XD

  6. Charmed-chick - isn't it gorgeous... i definitely need it in my life :) xx

    *Dizzy*Daisy28* - Thank you for tagging mr hun and no problem on subscribing! xx

    Dana Yoshimizu - I know it is good but then I really do buy it which isn't so good!! xx