Sunday, 7 February 2010

Review - Barry M Lip Paints - 101 and 129

Hi there everyone,

This is going to be a continuation of the reviews I am doing on the vast amount of new makeup I have bought... this is my honest view of what I think of it!

This is Barry M's Lip Paint in 101 Marshmallow which is something of a cult product around Youtube and bloggers. I bought this after hearing good things about it but I have to say I am not impressed! It might be my skintone, which is sort of olivey, it might be the state of my lips, which at the moment are anything but silky smooth but I really think it is the consistency and formula of this lipstick that lets it down. It is really chalky on my lips and even with a lipbalm underneath and a good lipgloss on top it makes me look like I have some horrible disease!

I understand that nude lipsticks, no matter how much I like the look of them on others, do not suit my skintone, however some I can get away with, this just isn't one of them! Anyway, I am sorry to say I will not be repurchasing this and I suspect the nearly untouched one I have now will get passed on to someone else!

Now onto 129 which I cannot find a picture big enough so that you could properly see the colour but here is the link to the Barry M site for you to have a look
Anyway this lipstick is a whole different story which I think is really strange. It is not chalky but actually pretty smooth and moisturising, the pigmentation of this colour is really good and shows up well on all skintones, if anything I would say this colour needs toning down with a more muted lipgloss. Anyway, I think this lipstick is really good and definitely worth the £4.25 that the Barry M lip paints all cost! It is weird how the same product, just in a different colour can vary so much!
Let me know if you have tried the Barry M lip paints. Also on their site, number 132- Pinkie Gold Sparkle is catching my eye. Let me know if you've got it and what you think of it!
Thanks guys,
Frances xx

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