Sunday, 14 February 2010

Your Favourite Drugstore Product

Hi everyone,
As you may have already guessed I am totally obsessed with buying makeup. I was just thinking about what else to buy and thought it would be really good if you could comment below on this post and let me know your favourite drugstore product (or more than one if you can't decide) so that next time I go into Superdrug or Boots I won't be aimlessly wandering around wondering if something is good or not... I will have your recommendations!!
So if you could please comment under this post telling me what it is and just quickly why you love it I would appreciate it so much!! Also if you're not from the UK let me know yours too so I can get jealous and wish I lived somewhere else where I could buy this makeup!!

Thanks guys and thank you for following, I love you all!
Frances xx


  1. Hey Frances :) my favourite drugstore product are maybellines collosal mascara!

  2. heya!
    my fav mascara is the l'oreal double extension one, its so good!
    i also recently got into eye pencils.. like for your eyebrows lol!
    i never thought there was anything wrong with my eyebrows, but being blonde my eyebrows are naturally lighter. SO i bought a boots no17 eyeliner pencil in a brown colour, and i can't live without it now!

    i lightly draw over my eyebrows and you can't tell its been done, and it acts like it frames your face too, its a must have!


  3. Hey,
    I really love Max Factors false lash effect mascara, freakinn' amazing :)
    Have you tried Soap & Glory products? You can only get them at Boots, but my gosh, they are totally phenominal! <<Spelling???
    Barry M nail paints are lush, have you tried their lip gloss wands? Next time your by,just go and smell number 4, its just like Strawberry Milkshake! :D xx

  4. Hi Frances,

    Thank you so much for following my blog. You're such a sweetheart.

    As for my favourite drugstore product, I would have to say it's CoverGirl Lashblast mascara. My lovely friend Cami tells me that Lashblast isn't in the UK/potentially all of Europe, but I have heard rumours that the Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara is the exact same thing (...and the company that owns Max Factor also owns CoverGirl - oh the makeup conspiracies!)

    Haha, thank again for subscribing and have an awesome day!

  5. Makeup is a girls best friend - Thank you so much... I have this mascara and use it for daytime and agree its really good :) xx

    PeachPoison - Ooh I will have to try that mascara, sounds really good! Also I haven't given much thought to my eyebrows apart from shaping them but will have to try now, thanks hun xx

    Sarah Writes Beauty - I totally agree - see the new review I've done hehe! I only have a few Soap & Glory and love the look of them.. I asked for them for Christmas but Santa didn't bring me any :) I also have the Barry M lipgloss... I love the smell but the colour on me is horrible. You should try the Toffee one... that's amazing!! xx

    Posey - No probs hun your blog is great and I love reading about products I can't get here :) Ohhh that sounds amazing and isn't it quite cheap as well? I have the MaxFactor False Lash Effect but after that I will have to try the one you recommended!! Thank you for subscribing to mine to... and look out for a giveaway which will hopefully be coming soon xx

  6. My fave item is Barry M fine glitter dust in toffee color i brought it from Superdrug the other week and its awesome :) x

  7. Charmed-chick - I have that too!! great minds :) xx