Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Daily Lust - Tuesday 16th February

Hi everyone,

Yay!! I'm so happy 30 followers... I am definitely getting there and so grateful to you lot... love you all :)
Anyway... on to the lusting!!

Beauty Product:

For my birthday in November one of my lovely friends got me a Frontcover palette in Inky Eyes and I absolutely love it!! Then I heard via people of Youtube and blogs that the brand was bringing out an all year round collection in Boots and I believe that it comes out in a week or so. Anyway I had a sneaky look on their website and I am in love with this palette which is called Mermaid Dreams! It's going to be £25 and the website says "mermaid meets peacock"... I'm in love!!

Item of Clothing:

I love to have a cosy hoodie to wear in the Spring/Summer months which is warm for when it is (undoubtedly in this country) cold and pouring with rain but which is also bright enough to make it look summery. This is the perfect item, I love the colour and the cute slogan on it, it's just gorgeous and would look so nice with dark blue skinny jeans. This is really reasonable at £19.99 from Candy Couture @ Republic!


I have decided that this summer I will wear a hat. I can see me wearing this cute take on a straw cowboy hat with an oversized denim shirt and gladiator sandals! I just love this, I think it's the pink and the chiffon flower. It's £10 from my shop of the moment New Look!


I love the detailing on these sandals, it makes what would be a really plain sandal a lot more interesting and something you could wear on a night out on a hot balmy night ( I wish!) I think these would be really good for the tribal trend which is coming in Spring/Summer. These are also from New Look and are £25

Total Cost = £79.99

Anyway, thank you for reading, following and commenting please pleeeeaaasssee keep it up!

Frances xx

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