Monday, 1 February 2010

Review - Sleek Original Palette

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This is the Sleek Original Palette. It was the first Sleek product I bought after hearing lots of good things on Youtube and it was £4.99. For that money I thought the quality probably wouldn't be anything special but thought I could afford to give it a try anyway. So I got it home and looked through the colours and I loved them. There are some gorgeous wearable colours in here, especially the yellow colour on the bottom far left and the pink/brown (3rd from left at the bottom.) The quality of these shadows is absolutely amazing. I put them on with only a base coat (Gosh's Eyeshadow Stick in I Love That Champagne!) and they stay on all day (or night) with very little fall out and bright pigmentation. All colours are true to how you see them here. I cannot rave about this product enough, hence why I bought 2 more palettes! Anyway, Sleek has definitely impressed me as a cheap but quality brand and I will definitely be following future collections they bring out! I recommend this to absolutely everyone!
Frances xx

P.S. - Yes I did buy this with my own money. I would love for products to be sent to me but have never experienced that yet! :( However, all views given are absolutely my own and absolutely honest!

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