Thursday, 11 February 2010

Daily Lust - Thursday 11th February

It's that time again folks,
I am getting paid tomorrow.... it's only a weeks wages so not loads but I'm still excited. Here's some of the things I will undoubtedly be buying!

Beauty Product:

So for some reason unknown by myself I am getting a bit of an addiction when it comes to buying foundations. I am using Maybelline's Dream Satin Liquid, have just purchased Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect and now I want this and the only justification is that it is solid to liquid! Still, I will more than likely be buying this. It's by Maybelline and is £7.99 from your local drugstore!

Item of Clothing:

Boohoo, I love you and tomorrow you will be receiving a large order on your website with my name on it. This dress is so girly and floral and summery but the studs give it an amazing punky and very on trend edge. I can see me wearing this to barbeques, or with a cardi and ankle socks for a slightly Gossip Girl feel. So versatile! Get this at for a ridiculous £20!


This picture is quite small and unclear but if you click the link at the end you will be able to see it better. Basically it's a gold chain with a heart pendant which is pink with white polkadots, and has an anchor on it. I just described the most amazing necklace ever. It's £16 from trusty Topshop!


Bet you can't guess where these are from. Well I'll tell you, they're from the middle-aged woman's favourite Marks and Spencer, I can't believe how fashionable that shop is getting. I love these shoes, they're the perfect killer heels for a night out and I especially love the bow detailing at the back. These are £29.50, which is a brilliant price!

Total Cost = £73.49

That's it for another day, have a good Friday! I'm going to see Valentine's Day with two of my friends and I'm so excited! Will let you know what it's like! Enjoy whatever you're doing!
Frances xx

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