Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Mono - No 720 Iced Fudge

Hello again!
There is no actual picture that I can put on here so follow this link to see the colour!
I wasn't sure about this eyeshadow at first but I did love the look of the colour. I wasn't sure how pigmented it is but I tried it out yesterday and it was really pigmented and lovely... and stayed on all day with the help of my Gosh Eyeshadow Stick. It is a sort of taupe/brown with a hint of metallic in it. It is great for daywear but I think it would also look great in the crease of the eye for a smokey look.
This costs £3.99 and I would definitely recommend it!
Frances xx


  1. It looks very pale is it noticable on the eyes? :)

  2. hiya yeah thats what I thought but it actually was really nice xx