Saturday, 20 February 2010

Review - Collection 2000 Blush - No 3 Breathless

Some more reviews of my ever increasing beauty buys now!!

So this is the blush that I bought from Collection 2000. I can't quite remember how much it cost but I think it was between £3 and £4. I really liked the peachy colour of this blush and I think that it is quite good for an everyday blush where you want a hint of colour.

The main problem with this blush is the fact that it is not very pigmented and if you wanted a lot of colour you would need to pile it on (which I don't)

So the summary is it's a lovely colour but doesn't give great colour pay-off. I would recommend buying if you just want a really light blush look.


  1. hey

    great review

    would you say that this is quite glittery when you put it on??


  2. Hello, good review..i find that with some collection 2000 products but i do like that blush, its nice for an everyday look.

  3. Sarbeauty - no its not glittery at all which I like xx

    PinkRobot - yeah it is good for everyday when you want a natural look xx

  4. nice blush i bet it give you the english rose look :)