Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My Style Crushes

Hi everyone,

I love looking through magazines at what different celebrities are wearing and notice that time after time I end up loving the looks of a few celebs in particular. Here are the girls whose wardrobes I ultimately wish I owned...

Pixie Lott (pic from orange.co.uk)

Rihanna (pic from dailymail.co.uk)

Alexa Chung (pic from mtv.com)

Nicola Roberts (pic from zimbio.com)

Taylor Swift (pic from sparklestarnews.blogspot.com)

Diane Kruger (pic from theinsider.com)

Blake Lively (pic from gossipteen.com)

Bet you're as jealous as I am now... oh well, we can dream!!

Frances xx


  1. I lovee Pixie Lott! :D
    She's stunning isn't she! :)
    Thank you so much for checking out my blog, you made my day get a whole lot better! :)

  2. No probs, thanks for following mine too. Yeah I wish I looked like her! :( xx