Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Review - Sleek Inkpots

Hi again,

Some more reviews for you now!!

This is the Sleek Ink Pot which is Sleek's version of a gel eyeliner which comes in loads of colours. I have Espresso (which is black) and Purple Rain (obviously purple).

I am in absolute love with this product. It comes in a little pot as shown above and with the little brush which is really good for applying the eyeliner. I am a complete Gel Eyeliner convert after trying this as it looks fabulous and stays put better than any other eyeliner I have ever tried. It gives just as good definition as a liquid liner but is so much easier to apply. For a new starter to makeup I would definitely recommend this, and you don't get the awful smudging that you do with kohl liner.

I can't say enough good things about this product. I can't remember exactly how much it is... somewhere around £3-£4, and is so so worth it, pick up one in every colour!!

Have you tried this? Do you like it?

Frances xx

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  1. Sweetheart, isn't Espresso a brown colour? ;-) I own Espresso and Stone Cold and I have to say that they their consistency is a bit dry. The reason might be the waterproof formula which I really like but it was hard to handle them at the beginning. As I'm getting used to them, I feel pretty happy with them now, though I still claim that the eyeshadow palettes are the best Sleek Make Up products I could get. :-) Of course, I had to pay much more for them because I live in Germany. :-(