Friday, 26 February 2010

Daily Lust - Friday 26th February

Hi you lovely lot,
So glad so many of you have entered my giveaway. By the way I will be trying out the tips you give me to see which one is the best!! Get entering if you haven't already!! On to the small selection of the large amount of things I want to be buying!!

Beauty Product:

Every time I see Collection 2000's pigments 'Dazzle Me' I always love the look of them; especially this Paradise colour. However when I go to pick one up, it's usually only half full... does anyone else have this problem?? Anyway I'm probably going to have a look tomorrow when I go into town and see if I can buy a couple. You can buy these from Boots or Superdrug for around £3!

Item of Clothing:

I've been looking for a while now for a perfect LBD for going clubbing or just for a few drinks or a nice meal. I like this Miss Selfridge wonder because it is quite simple with just the shoulder detailing and I love that it would be very figure hugging and sexy but classy at the same time. I need a piece like this in my wardrobe and I have a good mind to buy it now and for it to be my inspiration to lose more weight!! This is £38, but I think an investment piece that will last you!


I love this belt. It is one of those staple items for your wardrobe to cinch in floral dresses, denim dresses, black dresses etc and give them a bit of a folky edge! This is from New Look for £7!


It's official... the buyers at New Look are gods!! They keep coming up with items that astound me - especially their price-tag! These gorgeous wedges will look fabulous with Spring/Summer's key trends of florals, denim, nautical... you name it, they will go with it and give it a fashiony twist all of it's own! What more could you ask for at £25?!

Total Cost = £74
So there you have it, a cherry picked selection of what I wish I owned but at this moment in time do not! I am trying, I think, to save some money... I'll let you know how that works out!!
Now that I seem to have my camera up and running I will try and take some pictures of hauls so you can see what I actually do end up buying!!
Anyway, keep entering, commenting, following and all that lovely stuff. I love you all for doing it!
Have lovely (and hopefully shopping-filled) Saturdays. Let me know what you are getting up to!
Frances xx


  1. I've never had any problems with the collection 2000 dazzle dust being half empty but i domt get mine from boots or superdrug i have a beauty shop in my town that sells them for £1 each. try asda they have an offer on these at the mo :)