Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Daily Lust - Tuesday 23rd February

Hi everyone!

So close to 50 followers now, thank you all! I have bought all my giveaway prizes but am keeping hush-hush about what they are!!

Anyway, so after a very crap few days at work and the start of another attempt at losing about 2 stone here is what I want to buy!!

Beauty Product:

So I have been getting so excited about the prospect of getting my hands on this palette which was supposed to be in Boots stores as of today. I look on frontcovercosmetics.com to look at which stores were stocking and my local wasn't. So I persuaded my mum to go to the Bluewater store to get it, to no avail!! Bluewater hadn't got their stock in yet and told her to go back tomorrow! Have you got yours yet? This is £15 for a limited time!

Item of Clothing:

This jumper just really captures the fairy-tale vibe that is going on at the moment what with the Alice in Wonderland film. It says 'Fairest of Them All' which I think it so cute. This would look gorgeous with a grey blazer or black leather jacket over a white vest top and skinny jeans. It's £18 (I think but their site won't let me check at the moment!) from New Look!


I love little cute scarfs at the moment that you can team with a boring outfit you've worn hundreds of times to just freshen it up. This scarf is exactly that item. I love the pinky/red colour, the cute white hearts and the way you can tie it as a neckerchief to look French chic!! It's from the wonderful Miss Selfridge and is £10!


For some reason I love flat shoes with peep-toes. Don't ask me why but I think they look really quirky and cute on the end of skinny jeans or a pretty dress. These are perfect with their fabulous polkadot print and the monochrome is bang on trend for the moment. These are £24.99 from Schuh!

Total Cost = £67.99

Thanks everyone for reading, commenting and following. If I reach 50 tonight or tomorrow my giveaway will be up tomorrow evening. I just need to find my charger for my camera or nick someone else's camera to take a picture of the prize!

Anyway, hope you had lovely days. Did you go shopping? If you did, what did you buy? Make me jealous!!

Frances xx


  1. Oooh those Front Cover palettes are amazing, my flatmate has one and I love borrowing it from her ;) And how adorable is the Alice in Wonderland style top?! I haven't been out shopping, but did order a gorgeous pair of flats and a 9p necklace (:O!!!) from Urban Outfitters yesterday morning! Noiiice post :) XOXO

  2. Those front colour pallets were being sold over christmas but i think they were different. they were like under £10 though and i really regret not getting one!

  3. I know! I just love them I should have got one. Hopefully I might get on tomorrow though! xx