Monday, 1 February 2010

Review - The Body Shop Liquid Lip Colour

Hi everyone,

I never went in The Body Shop up until a couple of weeks ago. I thought it had expensive products that very often were not worth the money that they charged. In many cases, I still find this to be true but these lipglosses were a very good find of mine. I actually went in to buy something completely different (a Blush Trio which was also a very good purchase and only £1) and saw these glosses at the till, they were also on offer at £3 each. I love these glosses, they are just the right mix between sticky and glossy and they have a gorgeous smell. They are fairly sheer in colour but look great over a nude lipstick to brighten it up or a bright lipstick to tone it down! Anyway, if you are anywhere near a Body Shop in the next couple of days check whether they still have any of these. If they do, snap them up quick!
Frances xx

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