Friday, 8 January 2010

Daily Lust - Friday 8th January 2010

Today has mainly consisted of sitting in, wishing that I could go shopping as I had a day off from work but oh well... here are my picks for the day!

Beauty Product:

This is one of the holy grails of makeup for many people - Urban Decay's Primer Potion! For a long time I told myself I didn't need an eyeshadow primer, that vaseline or concealer would work just as well. But I am now admitting defeat. In order to achieve vivid looks for brights and smokey eyes I need this. I am quite pleased with myself for choosing this as I feel it is more of an essential need and probably not a lust? Let me know what you think. Anyhow, after having a quick look on various websites this retails for around £11 on most!

Item of Clothing:

This dress is stunning. This picture does not show it well so here is the link to it...

It's from a shop called M-Butterfly which has an amazing website... and the detail on it is making me need it. I love the gold buttons on each cuff, the pretty yellow, pink and purple flower print and the edging on the neckline. It would look beautiful in the spring but would look equally lovely now with some ribbed grey tights and black ankle boots to toughen it up a bit. Best bit? It's £22!


For me Accessorize is a store which I can get lost in for hours (and in which I can spend a surprising amount of money in! It's a must go to on most shopping trips! This cute bangle is one I have to have at a reasonable £8. It's a cream colour with 'Forget me not' written in a mauve colour. I love little messages on clothes and accessories and this bangle is proving very hard to forget for me!

I've just realised that everything on this post today has been very cutesy and girly. Oh well I love it. These gorgeous grey pumps with pink detailing are from Kate Kanzier... look on for a better view. I love pumps and these are a great alternative to black, but would still go with lots of outfits. They are the most expensive item today at £25!


This is pretty random but I love cute things for your home. At the moment one of my obsessions is birds; clothing, jewellery, accessories with birds on them. And this jewellery stanf delivers on that whilst looking really vintage Practically, it has loads of space for your jewellery, of which I have lots so it is pretty perfect! It's from the haven that is Urban Outfitters and is remarkably cheap at £14! If you haven't already check out their home and gift section... it is a treasure trove of goodies!

Total cost of items: £80

Again, hope you enjoyed this. I find it is helping bring purpose to my endless searching of online stores!!

Frances xx

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