Saturday, 30 January 2010

Daily Lust - Saturday 31st January

Hi everyone,

Here are my weekend wants... well only a few of them as I want loads at the moment!

Beauty Product:

I love the look of this blush/bronzer mix from Benefit. It looks like a gorgeous dusky pink/brown colour which is perfect for my skintone. I own basically no Benefit makeup but think I may have to start investing. This is £23.5o from the Benefit website.

Item of Clothing:

I love a good cardigan. They are perfect for all seasons and I have so many but can never resist a cute one. Hence the reason I want this absolute beauty from which is fast becoming my go-to site for quirky but purse-friendly clothes. I love the lace effect of this cardi twinned with the granny-chic floral print. This would look great at a spring/summer party over a cute strapless dress or with a pink or lilac vest top and jeans. It is a complete bargain at £18!


I'm a sucker for a cocktail ring and this one has definitely got my magpie instinct going! I love the pretty pastel stones, the butterfly and the way that this could transform a simple outfit with no effort. I also love that it is only £9! I'm sold and will be heading to Dorothy Perkins for mine!


Trust me I do know that it's January... but I want it to be spring/summer and therefore I am starting to want to purchase spring/summer items. These amazing sandals are from Monsoon and look so adorable. I love the colour and the rose detail and think they would look great with skinny jeans and a white vest top on a shopping trip! For £25, I want them now!

Total Price = £75.50

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a fantastic week. I'm starting my new job so wish me luck! Will see you next week for the picks of the new arrivals in the shops!
Frances xx
P.S - Thank you to my follower. My first one and it is very much appreciated!! Also thanks to the couple of people who have commented on my previous posts, that also means a lot as I like to get feedback! Keep it up!! xx


  1. Pretending it's summer solves a lot of problems.

  2. True... especially when living in the UK!