Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Daily Lust - Tuesday 12th January 2010

Hi everyone,

Hope your weeks are going well, mine already feels too long and it's only Tuesday! Here is what I want after a long and difficult Tuesday (brace yourselves!)

Beauty Product:

I have loved OPI Nail Varnishes for ages now but always thought that £10 was too much for a nail varnish. However thanks to Lollipop26 and her amazing blog I have found that you can buy OPI polishes from ebay.com from the online seller joliebeautystore. They are $4.75 a bottle which is £2.95. Obviously you have postage to add to that but still a bargain. One of the ones I currently want is this lilac/pink shade 'Mod About You'

Item of Clothing:

Right now I can think of nothing more appealing than snuggling up in a cosy jumper and leggings but I want to look nice while I do it. This cute sweatshirt from Realitees @ Topshop is the perfect solution. Plus I do love New York! This will see you through many winters as its not too in fashion and its £30


I know this might be a little wacky but I think my new trend for spring/summer is to wear cute ankle socks with mary-jane heels and dresses. These beauties from Dorothy Perkins certainly fit the bill and at £2 not getting them would be a crime!


In my opinion every girl should have a pair of sexy red heels. I think I've just found my perfect pair! I love the bow detail and the fact that they would add a pop of colour to any neutral outfit. They are a very reasonable £29 from laredoute.co.uk


As I mentioned I'm having a bit of a tough week and I'm trying to diet; not a good combination. I have such a sweet tooth and crave sugary foods and looks like these Ice-cream Sticks from Skinny Cow have come to my rescue being only 94 calories each... the flavour I'm craving is Mint Double Choc. You can buy a pack of 3 of these in Sainsbury's for £1 on offer!

Total Cost = £64.95

Have a great day tomorrow, hope you enjoyed my post. Please click the follow button on my blog and let me know what items you want at the mo!

Frances xx

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