Thursday, 7 January 2010

Daily Post Idea


So I'm thinking that as of today (or tonight!!) I'm going to do a Daily Post on here called 'Daily Lust' showing you what products I am obsessing over. Me being fickle and addicted to internet 'window shopping' I am pretty sure I can find new items each day... if anything the problem will be keeping it to 1 item per category, so if I have more please forgive me! Anyway the categories will be:

  • Beauty Product
  • Item of Clothing
  • Accessory/Jewellery
  • Shoe
  • Random (DVD, CD, Download, Book, etc etc -you get the idea)

Anyway as and when (and if!) I get some followers I would love you to join in on this... comment on my chosen items and tell me what yours would be. And perhaps let me know if you own anything that I want desperately and let me know what you think of it. That way I can decide what to spend my ever decreasing pot of money on!

So, I hope you like this idea and enjoy looking at my choices as much as I enjoy finding them!

First post in a minute!

Frances xx

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