Friday, 8 January 2010

I wish I lived in America Part 1 - Forever 21

Hi again,

I love the British High street, I really do. New Look, Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Zara, Primark and H&M sometimes feel like my homes from home. However, I am starting to feel a tiny bit envious of girls in the US and a few of their high street stores. I am going to put together a few posts of my wishlists from these US stores, and I am starting with the quite frankly amazing Forever 21. Hope you enjoy!

Beauty Definition Top - $13.80/£8.64

This top is soooo cute. I love the fact that it is in a gothic style burnout fabric yet has the word Beauty on it and it's dictionary definition. It seems like a bizarre collaboration of kitsch meets goth, which is always good to find. Can I mention the ridiculous price?! This would look so perfect with some skinny jeans or jeggings and some studded ankle boots!

Icicle Beaded Top - $19.80/£12.40
This is another top just begging to be teamed with skinny jeans. A perfect top for those occasions where it's not dressy but not casual. Enough sparkle to get you noticed but the plain white vest structure makes it easy to wear. I would wear this to a meal, on a first date or keep it in my bag for one of those work to party situations. Also the silver detailing means you don't need a necklace, just a pair of show stopping earrings and a bangle!

Patch Stripe Knit Shirt - $17.80/£11.15

How many trends can one (very cheap!) top cover? This has got stripes, colbalt blue and a to die for sequin embellishment to the shoulder. I love it and the way that such a casual top can be made to look so special and unique with just a tiny bit of embellishment. I hate to repeat myself but skinny jeans are again perfect for this top. It's one to wear for drinks, to a house party or for dinner with friends!

Varsity Yacht Club Top - $16.90/£10.58

I love how this top looks vintage and the sort of thing your mum might have worn with some acid jeans in the '80s. The navy and white collaboration and the nautical theme makes it a must buy in my book. And I just cannot believe these prices!!

Back to School Hello Kitty Top - £17.80/£11.15

I know that I'm a big kid but I looked at this and instantly fell in love. It makes a statement but it is just so cute. I'm not actually a massive Hello Kitty fan and don't own anything Hello Kitty but I'm thinking of making this my first piece!
Lush Garden Top in Gold - $19.80/£12.40

As you may have already guessed I love clothes that look a bit vintage and I think this definitely looks like a 'granny chic' blouse. With the antique gold lace edging and the beautiful sky blues and pinks this top has spring/summer written all over it. This will jazz up some jeggings and brogues a treat and would also look gorgeous under a nude coloured blazer or cardigan.

Peacock Sequin Tee - $17.80/£11.15

God this is beautiful. At the moment I'm a tad obsessed with anything peacock and this is just such a statement piece. Would look amazing with black leggings and heels on a night out and as it is loose could be worn off the shoulder to make it a bit more night-time. The muted grey looks so stunning with the detail of the feathers and one thing's for sure... no way would I guess this was just over 11 quid!

Monet Floral Satin Skirt - $17.80/£11.15

This skirt is an all year rounder. It's floral print and satin fabric would make it lovely for summer barbeques and such like whilst the grey and black colours mean you could team it with some dark tights and a heavy knit jumper and have yourself a pretty day look in winter. It is also not one of those really fashiony pieces and so can be worn season after season and still look fresh! Not bad for the price!

Greta Wedge Boots - $32.80/£20.54

What I really want in my life is some wedged boots. I love these. They look a bit battered and look like they would only look cooler with age and wear. They would be great with jeans, leggings or a floral girly dress to show that punky/gothic edge. Brilliant and as cheap as a pair in Primark!

Gloria Necklace - $7.80/£4.89

This is stunning. With the big gold flower and the pastel coloured charms it would liven up any dull outfit. A vest and tee, a little black dress a blouse and trousers for work, you name it!

Sheila Rhinestone Earrings - $4.80/£3.01

To me these look antique and a bit art deco. They are a little treasure and again would glam up any outfit. These are particularly good to team with a little black dress as they will add some colour and sparkle. Wear these with tousled hair or a messy up do!

Hope you like my top picks which came to around £117. These are all courtesy of and I must stress that the opinions of these items are completely my own. I suggest that even you Brits out there check out this website as they do ship to the UK but obviously it will cost you! But if you bulk order and love the stuff then I would go for it! Let me know if you do or if you already have and what your experience was. I'm definitely considering it for next pay day!
Frances xx

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